Academic Consulting

High School, College, Medical School, Dental School, Graduate School Counseling

Fractal Educational Services is now offering High School, College and Post-College (e.g., Medical School, Dental School, Graduate School) counseling services. With our help, you can maximize your chances to gain admission to your choice college or post-college! We aid students with all aspects of the application process. Our consultants thoroughly understand the college admissions process and are fully prepared to answer all of your questions.

Our experienced Fractal Educational Consultants believe that the correct Science and Math curriculum can significantly enhance a students chances of getting into the college of their choice, as well as increase the students overall future success in college and post-college.

Our consultants also have the expertise needed to help students determine which schools best suit their individual needs and interests. They work one-on-one with every student—customizing the services so that each student meets the precise criteria of specific admissions committees. Providing the best overall application package (see below) enhances the student’s chance of acceptance into the college of his or her choice.

We offer prompt, personal attention, assuring you of an answer to your questions within 24 hours. We can give students a practical assessment of their candidacy to particular colleges. We also provide pre-admission consulting to students who want to prepare early. We encourage you to contact us ASAP to start planning your road to a bright future.

Academic Advising

Our Fractal Educational Consultants will work with students and parents on high school course selection 9th through 12th grade, College course selection, goal setting and inside secrets that may help students achieve a higher GPA.

Test Review Preparation

Our Fractal Educational Consultants can provide information and tips on studying for the SAT, GRE, MCAT, DAT etc. so each student can obtain the highest score possible.

College Selection

After an analysis of a student’s Test scores, school transcript, and grade point average, the Fractal Educational Consultants will provide college choices that fit the student’s academic profile. From these choices, five to fifteen college applications are submitted based on the students individual goals and objectives. Fractal Educational Consultants guarantee acceptance into one of those schools or your money is returned.

Application Preparation

Fractal Educational Consultants aid in completing college applications and supplements. Help is also provided with applications for loans, grants, and scholarships.

College Essay Preparation

Fractal Educational Consultants will assist in developing the college admissions essay, which is such an important element of the college application. Fractal Educational Consultants will then help the student edit the essay to create a more competitive admissions package.

College Interview Preparation

Fractal Educational Consultants help prepare students for the college interview. Students learn how to conduct themselves during the interview and what type of questions to expect from the interviewer. The student is then prepared to ace the all-important college interview.

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