Improving Science Education in America 2012

We at Fractal Math and Science Academy (Fractal Tutoring) have a passion for helping students gain understanding and knowledge in Math and Science.  We have seen first hand in New Jersey and around the country (using online tutoring sources) the deficiencies in Math and Science education.  There are excellent Science educators out there and we applaud them, however, we feel that there is a complacency in the education system in the Sciences and this results in a failure for our students and our nation.

We read a great article online recently highlighting how in America, we teach students how to think about the problem and approach it, rather than just master standardized testing.  See the article here.  In the article they mention how students from abroad seek out education in America for this very fact.  Is it that our teachers are failing us or is it that the students born and raised in America are not taking the Science and Math courses necessary to inspire them to go into the Sciences?   Are a majority of American students just lazy and taking the easy way out?

Fractal Math and Science Academy (Fractal Tutoring) is a Premier Math and Science tutoring company in New Jersey offering specialized instruction in the Sciences both in person (New  Jersey) or online (Skype) to students around the country.  Specific areas we specialize in are: Organic Chemistry, Physics, Physics AP, Chemistry, Chemistry AP, Calculus, Calculus AP, Algebra, Pre-Calculus and Geometry.  We also do specialized test prep for the DAT and MCAT exams.  Pre-Dental and Pre-Medical mentoring is a specialized area we offer as well.

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