Student Testimonials

“Kevin was an amazing tutor! I am an “older” client, returning to take graduate courses in chemistry, so I needed someone that really knew their Chemistry, and of course with his PhD in Organic Chemistry from MIT, he had the background. But he also was down to earth and could explain chem very basically, too. I was a high school chemistry teacher for 8 years, prior to taking these graduate courses now and I know from my own teaching experience that he is a great teacher: (1) he can explain concepts in more than one way, when I needed that; (2) he was always willing to meet with me when I needed him, even if it meant meeting late at night when we were both available. I was failing this grad course when I met him and ended up with a B!”

Denise from Rutgers

We hired Kevin after finding him on the internet as the result of a Google search for the purpose of tutoring my daughter in General Chemistry II. My daughter had signed up for this course for the 3rd time since she had signed up for it twice previously, and had to drop it twice previously because she was getting poor grades. It was critical that she not only take this course, but also get a B or higher to considered for a graduate program that she is extremely interested in. Kevin worked with her once per week…and lo and behold…her grades kept getting better and better. In fact she finished the course with a B+. She said that Kevin is a nice person and is great at explaining things. We were quite pleased and are going to use him again in a few weeks for Organic Chemistry.? Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , Good Value

Liz P. from Kean University

Kevin is a delightful instructor with a talent for transforming even the most impenetrable and daedalean concepts into crisp nuggets of insight and wisdom. He is empathic and patient, pithy and passionate about his work, and attends to his students with a sense of concern as genuine as it is consistent. Kevin proved to me the tremendous impact that one teacher with profound passion and perceptivity can wield on the confidence and capabilities of a struggling student: I would never have done as well as I did in my college chemistry course if it were not for Kevin’s mentorship and instruction. Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert

Sejal H. from Yale University

“Kevin proved to be extremely organized, and knowledgeable on all the subject matter. Having been a science major myself, I was extremely comfortable with his approach and ability to convey the material in a logical and understandable manner. I would highly recommend him as a tutor in all subjects that he is teaches. Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , Good Value”

Jay W. from Westfield, New Jersey

“After skipping a year of chemistry, Dr. Anderson tutored me to help catch me up in my AP class for a little over six months. His logical and methodical teaching style allowed us to speed through school curriculum. He is incredibly personable and friendly, and it was a pleasure to work with him. His teaching style is flexible and will mold to fit the needs of any student, from the more advanced and proficient- seeking a deeper understanding of class-covered knowledge, to those struggling and seeking to strengthen their grasp on elementary concepts. Overall, he is incredibly perceptive, and I would say his greatest strength as a tutor is his ability to understand the individual needs and learning styles of his students and work to explain and teach material in a more personalized and interactive way than one could generally find in a classroom environment. Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , High Integrity”

Max B. from Morris Plains, New Jersey

“Kevin is a terrific tutor–and we have had many before him. He has helped our daughter understand math and chemistry and gain confidence in both topics. He is deeply engaged, highly dependable, and has a very calm, patient way of teaching. We have already asked him to tutor both our children for the upcoming school year when they will be tackling physics. We wish we’d found him sooner. Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert”

Cynthia S. from Ridgewood, New Jersey

“I have had many tutors in the past for various subjects including chemistry, but none of them could match up to Kevin. I had Kevin tutor me for Organic Chemistry I during the summer before college. He broke down the concepts into more simpler terms that I could understand and followed up by providing many different examples to drive the point home. He is extremely patient and kind and I’ve never felt hesitant to ask him a question if I didn’t understand something. Overall I had an amazing experience being tutored by Kevin and I would highly recommend hiring him! I feel a lot more confident going in to Organic Chemistry this fall. It was one of the best decisions I made for my college career. For the first time I felt that I actually understood a subject instead of just trying to cram and memorize things! Thank you Kevin! Top qualities: Personable , Expert , On Time”

Komal Y. from St. Louis University

“My experience with Kevin was great. Honestly, I was nervous about having such a smart man as my tutor because I thought that he wouldn’t be able to explain well when students had a tough time understanding, but that was dead wrong. He could tell when I got things right away, and was able to explain things in different ways to me when I did not. I am also a very visual learner, so he adapted to my style. Also, if I wanted homework- which I did- he was always prepared with that for me ahead of time. I felt much more prepared when classes started up, so I’m glad I worked ahead. He was genuinely concerned with my learning and understanding, and was great to talk to. Kevin is very good at adapting to each student and is knowledgeable and creative enough to do this effectively. Top qualities: Personable , Expert , High Integrity”

Julie K. from Bucknell

“Dr. Kevin is a phenomenal tutor. He has a true passion for what he teaches and it relays over in his teaching methods. He does not use traditional teaching methods, his method of teaching is designed to work well with student capabilities and strengthen their weak points. I for example entered college not knowing much about chemistry, but with Dr. Kevin’s help i achieved A’s in Chemistry I,2, and the labs. Overall he is an amazing tutor. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert , Good Value”

Mohamed K. from NJIT

“Kevin was very easy to work with and was able take very difficult concepts and explain them in a very understandable and approachable way, which is important for many students taking more detailed and difficult classes. He was able to help me through a large quantity of course work in a short amount of time. I would highly recommend hiring Kevin. Top qualities: Personable , Expert , Good Value”

John O. from University of Maryland

“Kevin is the best tutor anyone could ever have! He’s smart and patient! He’s also really passionate about what he does and that makes him an even better tutor. He gives great notes and teaches using methods that make the subject easier to understand. When I first started taking Organic Chemistry during Fall 09, I did not understand anything! After meeting Kevin, I understood the material and managed to pull an A- in the class!! In fact, I enjoyed learning the material so much that I decided to major in Chemistry!! I plan to continue working with him next semester and continue throughout my college career! I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a tutor! He has been very flexible in terms of scheduling and he makes the subject more enjoyable! In addition to all of this, he is also a great a mentor!! Top qualities: Great Results, Personable , Expert”

Bindi P. from University of Michigan

“Kevin’s expertise is in organic chemistry, and he also has strong ability to teach general chemistry. Kevin is a very knowledgeable instructor who is adept at teaching specific concepts from general chemistry, organic chemistry, and even DAT-level math. He also does well with providing alternate methods of understanding any material in question. Kevin is friendly, prompt, and truly cares about his students’ success.? Top qualities: Personable , Expert , High Integrity”

Eric W. from Brandeis University

“I was in a frenzy and at my wits end during this, Fall 2009, semester when I found Kevin Anderson, Tutor Extrodinare! Kevin embodies all that a tutor should and more. He’s patient, punctual, professional, and proficient in his area of expertise!! His ability to effortlessly relate complicated scientific terms and concepts, to daily activites and observations has proved invaluable in creating a visual reference to draw upon. Kevin’s ability to relate to students from diverse ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds is a remarkable and admirable trait that further establishes his ability to aid others in achieving their academic goals. Needless to say, Kevin has helped me develop an understanding of chemistry that not only lead to my passing this course with A, but to an appreciation of chemical processes that are the basic, yet vital, to human life. Top qualities: Personable , Expert , On Time”

Gwendolyn B. from Union Community College

“Kevin Anderson is a fabulous tutor. He is extremely patient, concise, calm, humble and never condescending. Due to Kevin’s great tutoring skills, I went from not being able to pass one chemistry quiz, to getting an A. Any Chemistry student would be fortunate to have him as their guide. In addition to his amazing tutoring abilities, he is prompt and very respectful. Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , High Integrity”

Gaby C. from Morris Community College

“It is a pity that the top attributes list encourages me to pick only three characteristics. In my honest opinion, Kevin W. Anderson is the paragon of each one of these traits. In case you cannot see the others they are Great results, Good Value, On time, High Integrity. While he was my tutor for Organic Chemistry and Physics he taught me with a calm demeanor completely lacking in condescension that provided an environment wholly conducive to clarifying misconceptions that I had in these subject areas. Moreover, he did more than make these subjects look simple. He made you believe that they really were simple and that you were more than capable of mastering these difficult concepts. If anyone is considering hiring Kevin to provide this service he/she should have no doubts. Top qualities: Personable , Expert , Creative”

Chidimma O. from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

“Kevin is a great organic chemistry tutor! He works well with your schedule and will come wherever is easiest for you. He writes everything out and gives you all of the notes after the session, which are very helpful. He is extremely smart and he makes sure you understand everything that he explains. He is always available for questions through e-mail and he answers back very quickly. I would recommend him to anyone as the best tutor available! Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert”

Mariclaire D. from Rutgers

“Kevin was the best thing that happened to me this summer while studying for the DAT. Without him there is no way I would have been able to bring up my score from a 17 to a 21. He gave me the knowledge and confidence I needed to get the results that I wanted. I started out scoring below average in organic chemistry and with his help I was able to get a 22 in that section on the test. Thanks to him I was able to get the scores that I needed to get into dental school. I could have never done it without him”

Cara S. from Randolph, New Jersey

“Kevin truly was my personal trainer during my MCAT preparations. I was pleasantly surprised when the first questions he asked me was “Do you stay physically active?” and “How is your sleep schedule?”. I have to say working out every other day and sticking to a strict sleep and work schedule, as he suggested, played a large role in my success. The majority of my success was the result of his creative tutoring style that showed me the why and how behind complex ideas and formulas in physics, general chemistry, and organic chemistry. I constantly struggled in my chemistry courses at college, but after working with Kevin I was confident in my abilities to approach any chemistry problem because he taught me how to approach and conceptualize a myriad of chemistry questions. The more I learned from Kevin, the more I followed and adapted to his thought process. Soon enough I was seamlessly interweaving concepts between physics, biology, and chemistry. After only two months of working with Kevin, I was confident and calm on the day of my MCAT. I recommend Kevin’s tutoring services to anyone who wants a less stressful and more efficient way to succeed on the MCATs”

Jaclyn M. from Franklin & Marshall College

“Wonderful tutor and person. Not only knows the material but can teach it well. Hard to find anyone better!”

Patti B. from Fort Lee, New Jersey

“As someone else said, it’s a shame I’m limited to only three attributes. I had originally asked Kevin for help with MCAT Physics and Chemistry, but he was always willing to go the extra mile and often asked if he could answer any questions I had on other sections of MCAT practice tests as well, including Organic Chemistry. When I started with Kevin, I was desperate – anyone who has taken the MCATs knows that they aren’t pleasant, and I was determined to make this my last retake – and Kevin made learning all of the material as pleasant as possible. He constantly had new tips for me, was always patient, and never hesitated to spend an extra five or ten minutes over our allotted time to make sure that he was fully explaining a concept. I’m only sorry I didn’t find Kevin before my first exam – I understood and learned more with him than I did in my own studying AND my years of undergraduate chem and physics classes. I’d recommend him to anyone, any time! Kevin is the best!!”

Caitlin C. from Livingston, New Jersey

“Kevin is the best tutor I have ever worked with. My grades in chemistry and physics have all been extremely high because of his help. I highly recommend him as a tutor if you are trying to get into medical school or simply just want to do well in a science or math course.”

Gabriella P. from Edison, New Jersey

“I am very pleased with the manner in which Kevin has helped my son in his high school Chemistry and Food Science courses this past school year. He always takes the time to explain concepts thoroughly and present the subject matter in a way that he could readily understand it. He also uses outside sources (textbooks and problems) , when necessary, to supplement what is being covered in class. Kevin is understanding and flexible when it comes to the scheduling of the tutoring sessions. Kevin will continue to tutor my son this coming school year in Algebra II/Trigonometry and in his Food Science course. Kevin is very knowledgeable and a great science and math tutor.”

Lori P. from Paramus (Bergen Academies)

“Kevin is a talented scientist with a passion for teaching. He focuses on the problem solving process, rather than memorization of mechanisms and tables, making the learning process active and engaging. Working with Kevin enabled me to challenge myself beyond what was presented in my textbook and class lectures. He presents material in a clear, concise way, tailored to a student’s particular needs. He was also able to answer my questions related to industrial and pharmaceutical applications of Organic Chemistry as well as to current research. Kevin is an invaluable resource and I would highly recommend his services without reservation”

Tiffany B. from Berkely Heights (Rutgers/Union Comm College)

“Kevin is one of the best tutors out there. He really knows his stuff, is very friendly, and can help with just about anything science or math related. I would have selected all of the “Top Attributes” if they didn’t limit me to just three”

Jhoon J. from U. Saddle River, NJ (Bergen Acad.)

“Doctor Anderson is one of the best science tutors I have ever had. After we started our sessions my average in my physics class went up from a B to an A. He was always prepared for our sessions and brought his own textbook for extra problems to work on. He was very patient when he helped me solve difficult problems, offering advice on different approaches and time strategies. He was reliable in that if we ever ran out of time during our sessions, he would email me the solutions to the problems we didn’t have time to get to. Overall I highly recommend him as a tutor for anyone who needs the extra guidance and help”

Grace T. from Caldwell, New Jersey

“Kevin helped me study for the Physics section of the MCAT. He is a very effective teacher and has an impressive understanding of the material!?

Jane K. from New York, New York

“Kevin is an excellent tutor. He is able to present material in a variety of ways to accommodate different learning styles and does so in a relaxed manner. Kevin’s depth of knowledge allows him to switch between subjects easily, allowing the student to drive the session based on their individual needs. He is a very caring and empathetic teacher, and has helped our child immensely”

Lisa C. from Ridgewood, New Jersey

“Kevin is an extraordinary teacher and tutor. My daughter attends a very competitive high school and further challenges herself with physics and this year, calculus. We hired Kevin to tutor My daughter and now my son. He is passionate about teaching. I am grateful for his expertise as well as his exceptional ability to connect with his students. It is so important for students to feel comfortable in a learning environment. This allows them to ask questions they might normally hold back. Kevin boosts his students’ academic self-esteem while raising their confidence level. This is a gift that Kevin has 10 fold! I highly recommend Dr. Kevin Anderson”

Kathy M. from Northvale, New Jersey

“Kevin has a very calm, low-key demeanor that helps lower the stress surrounding homework. He is very patient and promotes student confidence through his respectful, non-patronizing attitude and appropriately targeted praise when the student is doing something well or making independent progress. He provides plenty of practice problems with answers. He is prompt and courteous, and provides timely summaries of each lesson if desired. We have no complaints whatsoever.”

Caitlin from Montclair, New Jersey